AI solutions focused on spatial information

AI solutions focused on spatial information

At GeoAI we make AI solutions aimed at automatically leveraging information from spatial data.

What is GeoAI?

From data to information intelligence

Huge amounts of data are produced by sensors such as cameras and laser scanners whether handheld or mounted on drones, manned aircraft, vehicles, boats, submersibles,  satellites… the list is endless.

Due to the high volume, unambiguous interpretation of these data and conversion to quality information has become impossible for individuals.

Geospatial AI or GeoAI is a specialization in the field of artificial intelligence that efficiently processes sensor data into spatial information to support operations and decision-making.

By combining these advancements with Geo Information Systems, the extracted information can be seamlessly visualized and accessed on interactive maps, resulting in a powerful support tool.

Our services

Construction mutation alerts

Annual mutation detection using aerial photos to map unlicensed construction for the cadastaral spatial register.

Maintenance surveys

Automatic detection of damage to river and canal banks and the structures that protect them to facilitate asset management and underpin multi-year maintenance plans.

Conservation of meadow birds

Artificial intelligence enables data-driven conservation. Our GeoDrone software quickly and efficiently analyzes large numbers of drone photos to find the smallest nests often near-invisible to the human eye.



GeoAI has developed GeoDrone to enable ecological consultancies and farmers’ collectives to drastically increase their field surveying capabilities. Our Artificial Intelligence software automatically detects meadow bird nests in high resolution drone imagery and places their exact locations on a map,  informing conservation management decisions.

Change detection

The BGT register is a digital map of the current layout of the Netherlands. GeoAI offers a solution to optimize the maintenance of this service with artificial intelligence. Our software analyses aerial photos and detects mutations to existing buildings. This information is used to determine unlicensed constructions.


GeoAI enhances geographical knowledge through artificial intelligence and OQuay has civil engineering knowledge in the field of maintenance, constructions and inspections. The combination is a powerful asset management tool; GeoQuay.

Street Smart

Together with Cyclomedia, GeoAI is making the Street Smart viewer available within Autodesk, AutoCAD Map 3D. The user-friendly interface gives you quick and easy access to all Cyclorama data.

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